tirsdag den 26. juni 2012

8th Uhlan Regiment (Poland)

The 8th Uhlan Regiment - Prince Josef Poniatowski  (8 Pułk Ułanów Księcia Józefa Poniatowskiego)

Another renowned cavalry regiment from the rebirth of Poland.

A Polish wikipedia page has a bit about the regiment history. They also took part in the greatest cavalry battle since 1813 - the Battle of Komarow. The regiment was part of the 7th Cavalry Brigade.

The banner is in two parts - the flag itself and a ribbon to go around the staff at the top.

Both were made by the female relatives of the men in the regiment. The colour is crimson and used in the modern day national flag of Poland. The banner was used during the fighting in Ukraine but sent home for safe keeping in late-1920.

The ribbon has the Poniatowski CoA and the words - matki żony córki. which means mothers wives daughters.

Download the flag for 25 mm.

Download the ribbon for 25 mm.