lørdag den 30. juni 2012

1st Cavalry Division (Poland)

The 1st Cavalry Division was formed in 1919 and crushed the best Soviet cavalry formation, (The 1st Cavalry Army also known as Budyonny's Cavalry Army), at the Battle of Komarów, 1920.
 Hopefully I'll get around to making the flags for all the regiments.


Division Commander - Colonel Juliusz Rómmel

6th Cavalry Brigade - Colonel Konstantine Plisowski
 - 1st Uhlan Regiment
 - 12th Uhlan Regiment
 - 14th Uhlan Regiment

7th Cavalry Brigade - Colonel Henryk Berezowski
 - 2nd Light Cavalry
 - 8th Uhlan Regiment
 - 9th Uhlan Regiment

A description of the battle of Komarów can be found here.